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Poseidon statue natural stone fountain

March 02, 202033

Poseidon is the God of the sea in ancient Greek mythology, one of the twelve main gods of Olympus. At the same time, he is also the God in charge of horses. It is said that he gave the first horse to human beings. His mount is a gold chariot driven by a white horse. He is the brother of Zeus and the brother of Hades.

When Poseidon is angry, sea monsters will appear in the sea. When he wields his trident, not only can he easily set off huge waves, but also can cause storms and tsunamis, sink the continent, break the heaven and earth, smash everything, and even cause a big earthquake. When his chariot runs on the sea, the waves will become calm, and there are dolphins around him. So the Greek sailors and fishermen near the Aegean Sea adored him very much.

The bronze Pieta bronze sculpture, respected crucified son laying in Mary’s arms

He sat in the car driven by the bronze hooves and gold fashion horses, often holding the Trident spear given by the one eyed giant in the war of Titan, which became his mark. With this weapon, not only can he easily set off huge waves, cause storms and tsunamis, sink the mainland, break the heaven and the earth, but also smash everything, and even trigger a powerful earthquake that shocked the whole world. Because of his strength, even the Pluto They are afraid that the universe will crack and the underworld will be exposed. In addition, convenient waterways have been created for fishermen and seafarers to split the mountains in two.

When Poseidon is angry, he will fall apart, but the symbol of his sacred beast, the dolphin, shows the peace of the sea and Poseidon's cordial divinity. Therefore, Poseidon's gentleness can bring a climate of good weather and favorable weather. His subjects all adore him very much

The bronze Pieta bronze sculpture, respected crucified son laying in Mary’s arms

Poseidon's trident spear is not only used as a weapon, but also used to smash rocks. The clear spring flowing out of the cracks irrigates the land and makes the farmers' grain rich. Therefore, Poseidon is also called the harvest God. Poseidon also gave the first horse to the human race. His chariot was pulled by a golden chariot. When his chariot was running on the sea, the waves would become calm, and there were dolphins around. Although he had a place on Olympus, most of the time, he lived in a magnificent palace in the deep sea.

Poseidon was worshipped as a sea god and water god in Greece. There is a Poseidon in Argos, the temple of proclis theos. The name means "flood maker". In memory of his argument with Hera. He turned the city of Argolis into an ocean after being rejected by the Argos. In the Acropolis of Athens, there was a salty water spring beside the saint Yin of eristus. Until the 2nd century BC, it was regarded as the holy spring picked out by Poseidon's trident and was worshipped. At trozeng, Poseidon was worshipped as "King" even though he was defeated by Athena. Here is Poseidon, a kind of Temple of phatharmios. It is said that Poseidon first became angry, alkalized the land because of the sea water, and then became angry again, bringing people happiness.

The bronze Pieta bronze sculpture, respected crucified son laying in Mary’s arms

The bronze Pieta bronze sculpture, respected crucified son laying in Mary’s arms

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