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Do you know the story of the she-wolf bronze statue?

December 09, 20201

Do you know the story of the she-wolf bronze statue?

A bronze statue of a she-wolf is on display in a museum near Rome's government buildings. The bronze statue shows a she-wolf with its teeth bared and watchful eyes staring ahead. Two male babies are Suckling under her nipples.This statue is the emblem of Rome.

There is a myth that the inhabitants of Rome used the ferocious Wolf as the emblem of their civilized city.

Do you know the story of the she-wolf bronze statue?cid=3

The 8th century BC, when Troy was the Greek compromised, prince of Troy ernesto and oceans, and fled to Italy and after living there, only to find his offspring civil strife, o jose leave usurped the throne of brother nong more mill, and put the nong mir, kill my nephew, forcing the niece Sylvia ACTS as a priestess.Priestesses were not allowed to marry, but Silvia secretly married Mars, the god of war, and had twin sons.When Amulius knew this, he killed Silvia, packed the children in baskets, and threw them into the Tiber.

Do you know the story of the she-wolf bronze statue?cid=3

Fortunately, the water level dropped and the baskets were stranded on the shallows. The two babies did not drown.The baby's cry attracted a she-wolf. Instead of eating the baby, the she-wolf carried them back to the cave and fed them with her own milk.Later, a shepherd found the babies and took them home, naming them Romulus and Remus.When Romulus and Remus grew up and became skilled in martial arts, they killed Amulius and handed the throne back to their grandfather Nongdomir.The new town was named After Romulus, and "Rome" is derived from the sound of "Romulus." Legend has it that the name day was on April 21, 753 BC, and the Ancient Romans celebrated this day as the founding anniversary.

Do you know the story of the she-wolf bronze statue?cid=3

Later, in order to express their deep feelings for the ancient Roman history, in the 6th century BC, people made a bronze statue of a female Wolf.By the 16th century, two more statues of sucking babies were made and placed under the female Wolf's belly.The artist endowed the female Wolf with a lot of human and maternal nature. It is not only a monument sculpture with national historical significance, but also a precious masterpiece of ancient art

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